How To Use Technology To Uncover Infidelity

Most people believe that finding the one who you would spend the rest of their lives with is the difficult part of a relationship, what they don’t actually realize is that it doesn’t really matter if you have found the person for you, what matters is that how you are going to keep the relationship from growing.

Since not everyone is actually aware of this, more and more people are getting divorced. Some people believe that physical attraction is the key as well as a bit of likened personalities, but a relationship is actually a two-way process that both people must work on.


How To Use Technology To Uncover Infidelity 2

How To Use Technology To Uncover Infidelity 3
Unfortunately, growing old together is something that can be considered as rare now. The divorce rates in the United States alone keep on getting higher over the past few years. Some couples don’t even believe in marriage anymore because they are afraid things are going to end eventually. One of the most common rreasonsfor all of this is cheating. It has got to be the main ingredient for a recipe for failure.

A partner who cheats know exactly what’s coming for them but does it anyways. For some people who think that their partners are actually cheating, here are some of the obvious signs that you must look out for. A little hint though, it is usually involved with technology.

Frequent Passcode Change

This has got to be one of the most obvious signs that your partner is not being very faithful towards you or is hiding something from you. The passcode on smartphones are made for privacy protection, but it is understandable that your partner may want to have his or her own privacy. However, some people trust their partners enough to know their passwords, but also trust them enough not to snoop since that could be ian nvasion of their privacy.

How To Use Technology To Uncover Infidelity 4

It is a huge sign of cheating if they constantly changes their pass codes, because that could mean that there is something on their phone that not even you should know. They will most likely get defensive when you confront them about it, especially if he or she refuses to give you an acceptable reason to do so.

How To Use Technology To Uncover Infidelity 5
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Multiple Gadgets

Having a smartphone and a tablet or a laptop is normal, it is very convenient for everyone since we are living in the digital age. However, someone who has more than one phone that is with them at all times is very suspicious.

Smartphones nowadays has emails on it, so it could serve as a computer as well, so for someone to have the need to carry more than one smartphone is not normal. The other phone that they don’t normally can be a decoy or also a phone that was meant for something that is not meant for you to know. It is convenient to have everything in just one phone, some even have dual SIM cards. They would most likely panic if they don’t remember where they out it.

Defensive On Accounts/Receipts

When the mail comes, a cheating partner may be very enthusiastic and would want to be the one to check on everything. That is because they most likely have spent money over something that would give you an idea that they would be lying or hiding something.

This is pretty common on credit card bills, it would show when the money has been spent, from where it was spent, and how much was it. You might see some receipts from restaurants or hotels that doesn’t seem right, especially if the date is the same date they were supposed to be out of town, or is simply staying late at work. This would be a total giveaway so be sure to be the one to check on it first if you think your partner is not being faithful to you.

How To Use Technology To Uncover Infidelity 6
Wiped Out History

Last but definitely not the least is when your partner has their calls, messages, emails, and browser history nearly or completely empty. A person who is most likely hiding something wouldn’t want anyone to find out what they have been doing, who they have been calling, and who they have been getting messages from. Wiping out the history on a phone or a computer would make it seem like nothing happened, so they would be able to get way with anything.



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