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My Thoughts About Ideas, Gershon Kwamigah Shares.

Gershon Kwamigah, Founder and Lead join in a conversation to share his thoughts about ideas.

And here he writes…
My name is Gershon Kwamigah, am the lead of Xenos Media, I also play other roles in different
organizations and initiatives and a blogger as well.

Ideas are thoughts or suggestions as to a possible course of action. Ideas can also be termed as
an intention or something you think of.
In relating ideas to business, it is a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually
centered on a product or service that can be offered for money. Or a base of the pyramid when
it comes to the business as a whole. Ideas relating to business should be Innovative, Unique,
Problem Solving and Profitable.
One could have an idea to be a marketer, a fashion designer, a community development
advocate, an accountant, an oil expert, etc. all depends on what you think of.
Ideas or Business ideas, in general, could be drawn from inspiration from nature, needs of
people, profession, research, passion and talent, experiences or just being creative, etc.
basically, anything even from emotions.
– A quick question: What do you do when you get an idea of anything?
– For me, I start to imagine the result or purpose it will serve, and out of that, I start thinking of
ways to develop and achieve it.

Ideas are usually not straight forward, you need to develop them and outline the ways to
achieve the goal or result or purpose the idea is to serve. The success of every idea is achieved from
how you develop and use it. You can get the whole development process wrong hence wasting
Why the idea? And what does it do?
People, even me, sometimes get into a dilemma when an idea drops into our head, we keep
asking why this idea, how do I achieve it, am I the only one having this idea, etc.
Ideas are just like why you were born. God created humans to represent him on earth, ideas
are God’s plan for our future. God deposits ideas into our minds so we can leverage it to
prepare the future we desire.
Ideas are what we think of, which describes us whether positive or negative. Everything on
earth even before God created the universe, he had the idea before he started commanding
things, so this means Ideas are what describe who we are, who we want to be, who we will be
and who we can’t be and how the world is and has to be.
Ideas can be developed but the result will be not be achieved. It takes time to achieve the result
of an idea.
The development process is like cooking whiles the achieving process is like applying the
developed efforts (they are different). Same as you can learn but will not pass an exam, such is
developing an idea. Learning doesn’t guarantee you to pass an exam but understanding and
applying what you’ve learned will aid you to achieve your result. (The development process can also
be similar to the achievement process though)

How does one achieve his or her idea?
You could achieve your ideas by
1. Not looking down onto oneself. Every idea is achievable provided you grow to
understand and develop it. Although there might be some sort of doubt the
ultimate thing is to believe in yourself to achieve the idea whether big or small.
2. Setting your own goals. || People usually have this belief which I am sure is true that
“the one who manufactures a particular virus is the same person who manufactures the
anti-virus” || which means, should you have an idea of something, you should be the
same person to set the goals to achieve it. You had the idea and knows how the result
looks like hence you should be the one to set the goals to achieve it although you can
ask for advice from other people the idea holds you to account for its success.
3. Read or make research. The whole world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic and scientists
are making lots of research to finding a solution to the virus. It takes reading much
about the virus, how it develops, and works to understand much about it. When you have
an idea about something, you could read books relating to it, ask around, make a few
inquiries, or talk to seniors within the industry or field to understand it better so you can
have a clear vision of how to achieve it.

4. Aim high, but start low. We all if not all of us but the majority wants to be successful in life
but I bet you we all don’t achieve it within a blink of an eye, but we go through lots of
process. In achieving your idea, you need to set high aims but start on the low,
experience and learn things concerning the idea and you will be able to achieve the
ultimate result by knowing the pros and cons of such ideas.
5. Know what you want. Be clear on the idea, don’t just go for anything even if people use
it and it works. Understand your idea better and know what will work for you to achieve
the ultimate result.
6. Take a break to analyze. I earlier said ideas are not straight forward hence you have to
go through lots of processes to achieve the ultimate result. Ideas are like school, you move
from basic one to basic two through to the senior stage and each level is assessed.
Measure your performance to see whether you are achieving something, if yes, dwell on
the positives and keep pushing but if no, re-sit and start over again.

How does one develop his or her ideas?
1. Ideas regarding a profession will be best developed when you take up internships. After
school, when I decided to go by my passion for organizing events, I decided to join a
a friend who was already organizing events for big companies like Mondelez International
Cocoa Life, Infinix, and Citi FM, etc. I already had a little experience organizing music
shows so it wasn’t new to me but I still needed to develop my idea so I joined his
company to produce events and he even handed some major events to me to fully
produce which I was able to perfectly carry out (If I should praise myself). Business ideas
and ideas, in general, can be developed when you take up internship opportunities to learn
more about the idea and what you can do to achieve the result.
2. Research on the idea. God bless the internet. Ask Siri or Google about your idea or you
can read books around the idea…
3. Ask for expert advice. The best way to find solutions to things is by asking a question. Ask
people in the same industry of the idea, this will help you know the pros and cons
4. 2 & 3 are similar to achieving the idea.
5. Set a time to involve your brain. Value you quiet times (what I call my cold room) where I
stay somewhere alone then brainstorm on my ideas, business, work or task, involve in
imagination, think about life or read a book or even fantasize about things) this could be
done where you have less distraction like the bathroom, toilet, secret room, car, garage
or on top of a tree if you’re the village type etc.
6. Take up challenges. When you’re are able to stand tough challenges, you gather
experiences to handle everything or anything and am sure you will be able to handle the
the pressure of your ideas
7. Have an open mind. Allow your ideas to lead you to other new ideas. Achieving an idea
could be aided by other new ideas.

8. Write things down. When an idea comes in mind, you need to keep a record of whatever
is within. A philosopher once said you are on the safer side by writing or jotting things
down rather than keeping them in your mind, you might forget at any time.
9. Set priorities. I believe and I guess you also believe with me that, we receive lots of ideas
within a day. Not all ideas are meant to be achieved or to even think of. You need to set
priorities on the kind of ideas you want to work with. Ideas don’t come by yourself, it by
nature but the end result will have to be done by yourself.
10. Be flexible. Be cool to adjust yourself. (Accept point 7) Some ideas will require
attitudinal change or change in anything, be flexible to adjust to it. I.e. should you be an
introvert, am sure some ideas will require you to be proactive, freely outspoken, etc.,
you need to adjust yourself to fit in there.
11. Don’t be carried away or get too excited. When imagining and fantasying the result of
your ideas, trust me you sometimes get carried away and feel the result will just be
achieved in two or three days and if you aren’t mentally strong to overcome, you might
give up, should the process of achieving it be tough.

What do you do after you achieve your ideas?
1. Don’t be aggressive when you accumulate riches from your ideas
2. Share your idea “experience” to inspire others
3. Always renew or validate your ideas. I.e. When Mark Zuckerberg had the idea to
develop the Facebook app, I am sure he went through lots of processes of achieving it. Now
the whole world is enjoying FB and I am sure you also get a notification to update your
app right? Yes, Zuck is still and keeps developing his idea so you also should keep
updating, renewing, and validating your ideas so you keep achieving else you will only be
an onetime achiever.
Few add up
1. Take up ideas that relate to things that make you happy
2. Take up ideas that relate to things that inspire you
3. Take up ideas that relate to things you have an interest in
4. Pray (Talk to God) over all your ideas
5. Don’t be quick to tell people about your ideas
6. Be humble but firm should you have difficulties in the process of developing your ideas
7. Business consultants don’t give ideas, they help you develop and achieve it.
8. Business ideas are not for jokers but real hustlers
9. Be positive with ideas
10. Millions of opportunities await your ideas
11. You are the best.

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Maxwell Agbenyefia Kumah, known in showbiz as Maxtyme is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and a publicist . He founded, an online platform that provides quality Public relations, Promotion, Publication, Digital marketing,Content management and communication services to clients with the focus on making their brands more attractive and visible to their target audience at all levels. An entertainment website and blog page that solely publishes authentic news about Ghanaian celebrities and other related lifestyle news,music,arts etc. He graduated from DataLink University College in Tema with a bachelor's degree in Banking and finance, then continued to study at Celebrity School of Radio and Journalism to be a freelance journalist, Presenter,a Production manager etc

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